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Mission of OCCI

Supported by respectable members of various scales with wide-ranging lines of business, the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) represents the Osaka-Kansai region as a major economic organization. The mission of OCCI is to contribute to realization of a revitalized economic society, reconversion of industrial structure, enhancement of international competitiveness, renovated business management by member companies and creation of business opportunities.

To fulfill this significant mission, we at OCCI take up a wide variety of activities and projects. For example, we carry out constructive representation and policy proposal activities as a leader of public opinion, for promotion of business and industry, reinvigoration of, and strengthened functions to attract visitors by cities, as well as invitation of investments.

Amid the rapid progress of globalization and megacompetition, OCCI continues to exert all endeavors, with "Opening up the Future of Osaka" as a motto, to largely contribute to the region and its businesses by developing activities ahead of the times with a global perspective.

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