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 OCCI is promoting open innovation between Japanese companies and overseas / domestic startups; especially in the fields of AI, IoT, digital health, VR / AR, mobility, etc.  Since 2019, we have held ”Global Innovation Forum in Osaka (GIF)” in which advanced startups from all over the world gathers in Osaka.  Unlike conventional forums, demonstrations to actually experience the latest technology, pitches, and individual business meetings are also organized.

   OCCI is also supporting Japanese startups to challenge the global market by organizing mentorship programs / ‘Boot Camps’ and providing opportunities to pitch and meet with potential investors in and outside of Japan.

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<Programs held in FY2019>

Global Innovation Forum (GIF) in Osaka 2019

Go Global! Boot Camp 2019

<Programs to be held in FY2020>

Global Innovation Forum (GIF) in Osaka 2020

      *GIF2020  is planned to be held in Osaka  from October 27-28, 2020.

      *VCs, companies who are looking for new opportunities such as technical

         alliances with participating startups are welcome to participate from in

         and out of Japan.

●Go Global! Boot Camp 2020

      *OCCI will collaborate with JETRO’s JIP Program to support domestic   

        startups to access to the global market.