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Overseas Delegations

OCCI sends economic delegations to emerging markets and assists in the establishment of bilateral and multilateral economic relations and the development of emerging markets.
We also receive economic missions.

Policy Proposals

OCCI has made proposals to foreign government officials requesting for better business conditions overseas.

Meetings with Foreign Government Officials

OCCI holds meetings attended by foreign government officials (presidents, prime ministers, other ministers, high commissioners, etc.) and Japanese business executives.

Business Matching Program

For business exchanges in the field of Cutting-Edge Technology between Kansai and foreign countries, OCCI invites selected foreign business executives to Osaka.

We organize a business exchange program at the aim to build technology / capital / business alliance between the 2 regions.


OCCI holds seminars and events, facilitating trade and investment through multinational and bilateral schemes. We also hold seminars that focus on the latest business-related information about sales, personnel, purchasing and tax practice in the foreign countries.

Networking Events

International MEISHI Exchange (A Joint Chambers of Commerce Event)
Every year, a “Joint Chamber International MEISHI Exchange” is held under the sponsorship of OCCI, ACCJ(American Chamber of Commerce in Japan), KCBA(Kansai Canada Business Association), together with support from other foreign chambers in Japan. More than 300 Japanese and foreign business executives gather to strengthen ties and build new partnerships during an evening of business networking.

Certification for International Business

OCCI issues certificates of origin and certificates of other trade-related documents. We also promote and support to utilize EPAs (Economic Partnership Agreements) with various countries and regions.

Supporting Business with China

Chinese Business Support Office supports OCCI member companies’ business with China. To their requests for information on investment environments of China’s major cities, as well as for consultation on required procedures for market entry, this office responds to meet those needs. For specialized or professional matters, we provide support through our wide-ranging networks. We provide well-collected information on Chinese companies and conduct meetings for exchanges to help strengthen person-to-person contacts.

Promoting Foreign Investment to Osaka

Osaka Business and Investment center was established in 2001, jointly by the Osaka Prefectural Government, Osaka Municipal Government, and the OCCI. O-BIC promotes foreign direct investment in Osaka and other areas of the Japanese market by offering in-depth assistance and expert advice specifically tailored to the individual requirements of foreign investors.

The Entrepreneurial Museum of Challenge and Innovation(EMCI)

EMCI was established by OCCI in 2001, as Japan’s first unique Museum to introduce entrepreneurs who greatly contributed in developing modern industries in Japan. The main exhibition area introduces 105 entrepreneurs from Osaka, by era and industries, including founders of ‘Panasonic’ and NISSIN FOOD PRODUCTS Co. Ltd. (Cup Noodles).Since its opening, visitors from more than 100 countries around the world has visited this museum.