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17 Innovative startups from 8 countries will gather to Osaka!



OCCI will be inviting 14 innovative startups with the state of the art technology in the fields of AI / IoT / VR / Image recognition / Digital Health / Automated vehicles from USA, UK, Israel, Singapore, China, Germany, France to Osaka. We will also have 3 innovative startups from the Osaka / Kansai Region.  On the 1st day, they will be giving demonstrations with their pilot models at Knowledge Plaza.  On the 2nd day, we will be holding pitches and B 2 B meetings.  Please take this opportunity to find new partners and creating new business!


10/10 <Demonstration>
*See and experience the Newest technology*

10:00    Opening
     Overseas startups gather together! 
10:10~ Demonstration
17:00     End

 10/11 【Forum】
<Keynote speech・Short Presentation(Pitch)>(enlgish-japanese simultaneous interpretation)
9:00   Opening remarks
9:05   Keynote speech
“AI movements in Silicon Valley and around the world – keys to success for startups”
Ai Collaborator  Mr. John Byren
9:55   Pitches by startups from around the world(10 min per startup)
<B 2 B meetings>
(english – japanese consecutive interpretation)
10:05-17:10 B2Bmeetings with startups
(40 min per meeting)

Language: English-Japanese
Sign up: Please apply through the application form by Sept. 20(Fri)
Contact:Ms. Kana Tatebayashi, Ms. Yumiko Nagoshi,
     Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
TEL: 06-6944-6400  FAX 06-6944-6293  E-mail:
■Sponsored by:  Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI), Osaka Business and Investment Center(O-BIC)
■Co-sponsored by: Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp, Xport、JETRO Osaka、
Osaka Business Development Agency (Osaka Innovation Hub)
■Supported by:    The Foundation for International Trade and Industrial Cooperation,
Osaka Startup Ecosystem Promotion Committee
(Osaka Business Development Agency / Osaka Prefectural Government / Osaka City Government /
Sakai City Government / Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Kansai Bureau / Kansai Economic Federation / Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Kansai Association of Corporate Executives)
The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (tentative)

Bold Metrics Inc.  (USA / Silicon Valley)

AI Solution ‘Virtual Sizer’ that recommends

the perfect apparel size to customers online and at stores

◆Our main product:
SaaS technology that predicts human body measurements, connects them with apparel, and uses machine learning to generate powerful insights over time.
◆Advantages of our technology:
The Bold Metrics technology can make a very large impact with apparel companies, apparel
conglomerates, and apparel manufacturers. We can help apparel brands reduce returns, increase
conversion rates, and dramatically improve supply chain efficiency. In the future, we see a world
where on-demand manufacturing becomes a standard and Bold Metrics is a core technology that can
allow Japanese and foreign companies to innovative in entirely new ways and become global leaders
in this space.
◆I am seeking for:
☑ 1. Partners for technical tie-ups
☑ 2. Joint venture partners
☑ 3. Partners to jointly develop new technologies or products
With eCommerce, Innovation, Product design, Supply Chain related companies
◆URL :
We will be demonstrating our technology via live website experiences and videos of our in-store
and visualization solutions. This will allow people to see our technology in action, making
garment size recommendations and prediction body measurements as well as see additional
use-cases for our technology both in-store and with visualization options.

Cappasity (USA / Silicon Valley)

The First complete and scalable solution for

3D product imaging that includes 3D analytics tool based on

AI to track and predict customers’ behavior

◆Our main product:
Cappasity provides the first complete and scalable solution for 3D product imaging that includes a powerful 3D analytics tool based on AI to track and predict customers’ behavior.
◆Advantages of our technology:
Cappasity is a SaaS solution that allows to quickly create and embed 3D product images into websites, mobile, and VR/AR apps to raise conversion and reduce returns. The innovative 3D format makes it possible to digitize large online catalogs while Cappasity.AI detects and predicts user behavior. It allows to track how customers interact with product 3D images, detect most popular angles and see the real time heat map of the product. Our algorithms analyze the data to provide unique insight that can help you improve your products, assortment and detect customers’ real interest in buying an item. This invaluable data helps marketing analysts plan and estimate promotional campaigns and target ads to ensure the best product presentation online.
◆I am seeking for:
☑ Opportunities to meet with E-commerce departments and digital marketing

1) We will show the dashboard indicating the collected and processed browsing data. We will
also showcase the platform back office interface with a heat map of a product.
2) We show a new mobile application for SMEs and marketplaces that allows to create a 3D
image with an iPhone camera.
3) Cappasity team will also demonstrate the best use cases of our technology and existing clients’ stories.

Helix Technologies Ltd (UK / Oxford)

High performing antennas for use in a range of

demanding telecommunications and satellite navigation applications

◆Our main product:
Helix Technologies is developing a range of high performance antennas for use in a range of demanding telecommunications and satellite navigation applications.
◆Advantages of our technology:
The needs of the next generation of GPS/GNSS-enabled applications, such as driverless cars/trains/ships and drone delivery platforms, will demand increasingly higher levels of positional accuracy and reliable operation in cluttered urban and mountainous areas, where satellite signals can be obstructed by buildings, trees, and other objects. Helix Technologies is developing a compact, high performance antenna that is optimised for use with both GPS and the QZSS system and will significantly enhance the performance of the QZSS system.
◆I am seeking for:
Our objective is to establish partnerships with companies who wish to incorporate our high
performance antennas into their systems/solutions.
◆Demonstration(10/10,11): We will show our banner and antenna and will show a video
where we demonstrated with a driverless vehicle.

Oxford Brain Diagnostics LTD (UK / Oxford)

A novel approach to predict Alzheimer’s disease

◆Our main product:
We take measurements directly from standard MRI data and provide an index correlated with the micro-anatomy of patients’ brains (paper under review).
◆Advantages of our technology:
Oxford Brain Diagnostics, a spinout from the University of Oxford, has developed a novel approach (Cortical Disarray Measurement - CDM) for extracting correlates of micro-anatomy from standard MRI brain images, providing valuable information about Alzheimer’s disease (paper under review). Collaboration of two world class specialists - Dr Steven Chance (CEO), Neuroscience and Pathology and Professor Mark Jenkinson (Co-Founder), Neuroimaging develop a software-based algorithm. In unpublished tests, CDM has been used to classify which patients will develop Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia within 2 - 3 years. Additional tests combining CDM with machine learning algorithms have also generated promising outcomes for differential diagnosis
between dementias and in the future we will integrate AI techniques as we scale and expand.

◆I am seeking for:
We will demonstrate MRI images using structural and DTI images to showcase CDM technology.

Zap Go Ltd. (UK / Oxford)

A novel approach to predict Alzheimer’s disease

New Generation battery (High speed charge battery) using “Graphene

◆Our main product:
ZapGo is developing new type of fast-charging energy storage technology. Our current generation is called Carbon-Ion (C-Ion) and we are in the pre-production scale-up phase for this initial product.
◆Advantages of our technology:
C-Ion cells, incorporate highly conductive nano-carbons and novel ionic electrolytes in a pouch cell format that can then be built into power pack modules for use with a wide range of applications.
The key advantages of our technology are:
• Ultra fast charging: <5mins from empty to full>  • Safe to transport: No costly shipping restrictions
• Safe to use: Non-toxic and non-flammable    • Long life: High cycle life with low maintenance costs
• No lithium / cobalt
We are working on demonstrator projects in the following market sectors:
• Industrial power tools (e.g. automotive assembly line torque-tighteners)  
• Autonomous robotics (e.g. warehouse automation, robot vacuum cleaners)  
• Vehicle high-power systems (e.g. regenerative braking, fast charging)
• Grid assist (e.g. PV smoothing, EV charge buffering)
◆I am seeking for:
One of our key materials is currently sourced from Japan and we are actively seeking further supply chain partners and potential routes to customers in Japan.
We will demonstrate projects that show our cells in use through household appliances.

Deep Health (Israel / Rehovot)

AI based surgery navigation and robotics system

◆Our main product:

We are developing an AI based surgery navigation and robotics system. Our system includes, AI, IOT (smart device that is used in the surgery room) and is a digital health solution.
◆Advantages of our technology:
We do that by replacing the CT scanner and navigation system with a single unit, a high-resolution
optical 3D scanner, which is compact, affordable and radiation-free. Deep Health navigation system
is capable of direct spine tracking with unprecedented accuracy.
Our solution main benefits are:
• Significantly lower cost
• Surgery planning automation by AI tools                  
• Reduction of radiation hazard
• Significantly more accurate ensuring Improved clinical outcome.
• More user friendly

◆I am seeking for: Discussion with both Sensor and robotics systems
companies for R&D collaboration and meeting with spine implant companies
and general surgery room distributors to discuss Japan market penetration.
◆Demonstration(10/10,11):We already had a working lab model who can
be demonstrated in the event and by October, we will be able to show videos of actual
surgeries that re due in May-June in Hadassah hospital.

EyezOn (Israel / Tel Aviv)

Automated / frictionless payment system for unmanned stores

◆Our main product:
Machine learning, computer vision, AI, deep neural networks to analyze video footage to track customers in physical stores and identify the products they picked from the shelfs.
◆Advantages of our technology:
All friction-less.  No need for scanning or going through a point of sale terminal.
◆I am seeking for:
Discussion with all FMCF (Grocery) retailers, with special emphasis on Convenience stores in
the cities and in fuel station.
We will show footage from a live store that shows how a customer enters a store, we
identify him and put a bounding box abroad.  We use Pose estimation methods for in-store tracking.  We will demo how we track a person in the store.  In addtion, we will demo that we identify by computer vision techniques what products customers took from the shelves.
At the end we will show how we close the transaction close the payment process.  It will all
be real footage from a real store.

Physimax (Israel / Tel Aviv)

Musculoskeletal (MSK) evaluation using 2D/3D videos

◆Our main product:
Physimax product is a scientific musculoskeletal (MSK) evaluation using 2D/3D video and is the 1st to introduce an evidence-based, objective “self” MSK evaluation. Testing takes minutes, eliminating the need for an assessor or the need to travel to a service provider location. The solution incorporates proprietary with unique knowhow and IP for marker-less Computer Vision and Kinematic Machine Learning (EM) to provide fully-automated, reliable kinematic measurement and scoring.
◆Advantages of our technology:
Physimax provides 360 solutions for musculoskeletal condition improvement – helping
patients improve performance, optimize rehab and reduce injury risk. The solution has
triple impact: 1) Increase individual’s awareness for their MSK condition. 2) Guide the
consumer to achieve related personal goals, improve the physical functionality and reduce the risk of injury by providing proactive individual tools such as training programs, changing habits and encouraging activity. 3) Help employers reduce healthcare and insurance expenses.
◆I am seeking for:
Partnerships with digital healthcare platforms and fitness chains to integrate its technology
into their business and upgrade value proposition:
We will have several mobile devices (smartphone/tablet) with Physimax app downloaded on it. We will invite guests to perform a full squat test (1 minute) while we record it on the mobile phone. Immediately after the assessment, the participant will be able to see his / her insights, scores (compared to relevant population) and a workout program. It will also be projected on the screen. 

Leaptechnology Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Cloud based access management system

coupled with face recognition captive devices

◆Our main product:
Cloud based access management system coupled with face recognition captive devices.
◆Advantages of our technology:
Access (Training Centres) Management System. Our system provides specific date and time access control to training room of various stake holders according to their roles. System admin can manage users and access from our cloud base application at anytime from anywhere. It is suitable for training centres that works with external trainers.
◆I am seeking for:
1. Partners for technical tie-ups
2. Joint venture partners
3. Partners to jointly develop new technologies or products
with Building and Maintenance Departments
We will showcase the features and working of our solutions, followed by a demonstration with a door.


Security management system that includes VR safety training systems

◆Our main product:
Armfort Security Workforce is a comprehensive security management system which is primarily used by security agencies island wide in Singapore.
◆Advantages of our technology:
Our security system incorporates all essential guard duties including patrolling, incident reporting, visitor management. We supply a one-stop solution to manage all security operations. HR functions like attendance taking, payroll generation and training management are also supported for security agencies who would like to develop their employees and track their progress. Armfort Security Workforce can also be customized to the client’s needs.  Armfort is available on both mobile and PC, with an easy to use interface. Features can be used to record, report and update on incidents and abnormal occurrences. Technology is used in almost all parts of job operations, being integrated to make the security officer's job simpler and more convenient.
◆I am seeking for:
Discussions with private home owners, business owners, security agencies, building owners, property developers, institutions.
We will first show our AR training module.  We will introduce the VR system for training systems and its importance in simulation. We will show some modules that can be experienced through Virtual Reality such as fire safety.

Shenzen TimekettleTechnologies (China / Shenzen)

Intelligent, portable and multifunctional translator “Zero Translator”

◆Our main product:
“Zero Translator” which was just announced as our new product in July, 2019 is the world’s most intelligent, portable, and multi-functional translator. A thumb-sized gadget that is not only a translator that plugs into your phone for effortless translation on the fly, but also a perfect recorder for meeting memos and interviews.
◆Advantages of our technology:
“Zero Translator” can be translated into Japanese, English, Chinese, Italian, Indonesian,
Hindu languages. Our prior translator product WTS Plus Wearable Translator has won the
CES2019 Innovation Award.
◆I am seeking for:
Discussion regarding technical tie-ups, joint – development of new products, joint venture with
companies that have experience in hardware and consumers.
We will briefly presented Zero to the audience using a powerpoint or keynote (if possible). We will then prepare a high-end mobile phone and just plug the Zero in, and pick an audience and communicate between English to Japanese, or Chinese to Japanese.

Makeblock (China / Shenzen)

Educational Solutions used for STEAM / Programming Education

◆Our main product:
Robot kits, drones, laser processing machines that are suitable for use in schools and houses used to educate programming to children.
◆Advantages of our technology:
Has been introduced to companies and schools in Japan and used by the board of education of cities, etc.
◆I am seeking for:
Discussion with companies that have distribution channels to educational insti-
tutions, private supplementary schools, and private programming classes,
elementary / junior-senior high schools / universities, Boards of education,
corporate management, sales departments or companies that handle laser
processing machines and 3D printers.
We will demonstrate 6~7 types of educational robots used for STEAM / Programming and show
how they move. We will also demonstrate movements of single board computers, transformable
armed robots and laser cutters.

Aitonomi TeleRetail (Germany / Dusseldorf)
Autopilot software “Aito” used for self-driving transporters

◆Our main product:
Aitonomi TeleRetail automates Industrial, Urban and Rural last mile logistics with its Autopilot Software “Aito” for self-driving transporters. The company’s award-winning “Aito” AutoPilot Software drives autonomous vehicles of almost any size.  Aitonomi TeleRetail reduces logistics costs by up to 90% - while enabling cost-efficient 24/7 on-demand transport services.
◆Advantages of our technology:
The Aitonomi TeleRetail AutoPilot Software enables Industrial Logistics Automation for companies such as Kansai Electric, Urban Delivery Automation for
logistics companies like Swiss Post AG and the US Postal Service,
as well as Smart City Transport Automation for city developers and
planners such as SYSTRA, Vodafone and Zentralbahn.

◆I am seeking for:
Discussions regarding technical tie-ups, joint-development of new products
with production or distribution departments of car and electric appliance manufacturers, etc.

We will demonstrate the movements of our Prototype using autopilot software “Aito”. 

NANOVIA (France / Louargat)
High grade reinforced filament for 3D printing
used for aeronautical, astronautical and automotive fields

◆Our main product:
High grade reinforced filament for 3D printing used for aeronautical, astronautical and automotive fields.
◆Advantages of our technology:
100% french products, already used in Europe and USA by the most known labels in automotive and aeronautical industries.
◆I am seeking for:
Discussion regarding joint ventures, technical tieups or joint development of new technology or
Products or sales distribution.
We will demonstrate by showing with our 3D printer, examples of industrial

Otafuku lab (Japan / Osaka)
Robot with watching sensor using AI to recognize the elderlys’ movements
◆Our main product:
Robot with watching sensor using AI to recognize and digitalize the human movements
especially with the purpose to watch over the safety of the elderly.
◆Advantages of our technology:
Our technology does not digitalize the image but does numerical conversion of the digital text and is able to do scoring.  By scoring the text, we can analyze the daily movements of the elderly at their homes.  If the scoring is extremely low, then the user’s family or care manager can be notified of the abnormal movements.  Our technology can also alternatively record nursing diaries and alert emergency matters.
◆I am seeking for:
Discussion regarding technical tie-ups or joint development of new products/services with carehomes or trading companies that handle nursing care equipment.
We will demonstrate our watching robot and show how AI recognizes the human movement as a text data and turn it into numerical data instead of image data.

mui Lab (Japan / Kyoto)

New type of computing technology using natural materials

and integrating it into hardware and software

◆Our main product:
Our digital device ‘mui’ is made of natural material such as wood and is
integrated to user interface using cloud for connection. At present, we
provide information interface device and systems to smarthomes made by
energy related companies.  We are also collaborating with housing
manufacturers and hotels and are demonstrating those projects.  Also, we are selling license to Japanese global digital device manufacturers.  We have also won the CES2019 Innovation Award.
◆Advantages of our technology:
Our product is a new digital device that removed the conventional solid (cold) type image that can be used with a warm image in smart homes, etc.
◆I am seeking for:
Discussion regarding joint development with energy-related companies, housing
manufacturers, smart home departments and departments that are involved in
interface such as applications.
We will demonstrate by using actual menus (features) of our digital device ‘mui’.

a bridge (Japan / Osaka)

VR touring and guiding device

◆Our main product:
We use VR to show a sense of reality of images such as showing pictures and surrounding atmosphere inside an art museum.  Our technology will also guide through the museum by introducing the pictures through voice, text and sign language in multiple languages.
◆Advantages of our technology:
By using VR, we can show the real image, for example, the  ‘art museum’.  As there is also sign
language, those with hearing disabilities can also enjoy the VR touring guides.
◆I am seeking for:
Discussion with companies interested in technical tie-ups, or joint development of new technology or products.
The presenter will wear the VR device and monitor the realtime touring by showing the image on the monitor so the audience can also enjoy the experience together.