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The Entrepreneurial Museum of Challenge and Innovation (EMCI) - With Visitors from 80 Countries around the World, The Museum works as a Medium to convey ‘Entrepreneurship’ -
The Entrepreneurial Museum of Challenge and InnovationAs a project to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the founding of Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, EMCI was established by OCCI in June 2001, as Japan’s first unique Museum to introduce entrepreneurs who greatly contributed to developing modern industries of Japan as well as to supporting the people’s livelihood.

The founding concept of EMCI is none other than the handing-down of entrepreneurship on to the next generation, to nurture and develop human resources for the future who would display such enterprising spirit, triggered by the sympathized high spirit of predecessors.

The Entrepreneurial Museum of Challenge and Innovation
The Entrepreneurial Museum of Challenge and Innovation
The main exhibition area introduces 105 entrepreneurs from Osaka, by era and by industry, including such founders of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. known for its ‘Panasonic’ and also of Nisshin Shokuhin Co. Ltd. that developed the world’s first instant noodle. Come and directly feel their enterprising spirit - lofty ambition, abundant ideas, keen insight, unique points of view, ingenuity and contrivance, will to carry through etc.

With visitors from more than 100 countries around the world since the opening, EMCI has gained public favor, as seen from comments such as: “One hour of visit has taught us much about the process of Japan’s modernization or history of Japan’s industries” or “greatly encouraged and inspired by feeling entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm.”

The Entrepreneurial Museum of Challenge and Innovation
The Entrepreneurial Museum of Challenge and Innovation

OCCI's Business Training Programs - To Help with Development of Human Resources -
Contributing to development of human resources, OCCI conducts wide-ranging Business Training Programs, those classified by levels of responsibilities or those by fields of activities etc., with consideration also to the convenience of programs participants making many of them a one day program while series of courses and night courses are held. More than 3,000 persons a year take these courses and are generally content with the strictly selected course programs, as well as the high-level lecturers. With a newly adopted system to feed back the results of studies at some courses to the trainees’ companies, such results can be referred to for work assignments later.

Main courses include those of: assistance for obtaining certifications, international trade procedures, bookkeeping, labor/social insurance, accounting, business operations, technical know-how, personal computer, and CAD
OCCI’s Business Training Programs OCCI’s Business Training Programs


EXAMINATIONS for OFFICIAL QUALIFICATIONS - For Improvement in Practical Business Affairs -
Held on the basis of uniform standards, these examinations fairly reflect the levels of knowledge and skills acquired for the official qualifications that are highly evaluated and broadly utilized in the deliberation for promotions, transfers or employment in businesses. For enhancement of employees’ ability, as well as for strengthening of corporate management, the well-sought-after qualifications include those for bookkeeping, business computing, color-coordinator, BATIC (Bookkeeping and Accounting Test for International Communication ) etc. EXAMINATIONS for OFFICIAL QUALIFIGATIONS

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